Health & safety

As a Group we are committed to working to the highest standards of HSE in all of our operations. Our teams work in a potentially hazardous environment and we are committed to safety at all times. Reflecting this commitment, 2016 represented yet another year for the Group where we recorded no lost time incidents.

In the field we implement HSE procedures to western standard. All of our operational personnel undertake intensive training on joining the Group, including sessions on safe operating practices, personal safety, environmental matters and the proper maintenance and safeguarding of assets. We have a structured programme for the ongoing training and development of staff both when they move to new roles and as a matter of course related to their current duties.

All operational staff and visitors to our facilities are issued with appropriate HSE equipment including head protection, safety glasses, overalls and boots. Non-compliance with basic safety principles is taken very seriously.

Our operational processes have been designed with the safety of personnel and the protection of assets and the environment in mind. For instance, the drilling rigs that are operated on our sites all have fully automated drilling floors with automatic pipe handling systems. This means the operator of the rig can carry out drilling operations entirely from the drill cab with no need for manual intervention in the loading and pushing of pipe.

In downstream, we adhere to strict safety-permitting rules at our production facility and gas stations. We carry out independent safety checks on third party trucks and trailers before allowing access to our sites.

Our employees are the Group’s greatest asset and their safety and well-being - both while on site and travelling to and from our locations - is of paramount importance to us. Our obligation in this regard is one that we take very seriously.