We are very aware of the environment that we operate in. The areas where our production operations are based are rural, mountainous and picturesque. The mountains we operate in have been farmed by the local population for generations, long before Green Dragon arrived. The preservation of the natural environment and respect for the local community is important in our operations.

In our operations, we seek to have as low an impact on our surroundings as possible and, to this end, we drill our LiFaBriC wells using principally air and water for circulation. Where drilling fluids are required we use only biodegradable drilling mud. In addition, we undertake our drilling on compact sites often using a single drilling pad to drill a number of wells and thereby reducing our physical footprint on the landscape. Where we do need to remove some trees to gain access to sites we commit to replanting more trees than have been removed.

When our wells are first put on production they produce clean water as the de-watering process takes place. Because we don’t use chemicals in our drilling operations the water that is produced at the well head is fresh and perfectly drinkable. Indeed, this water that we produce when wells are initially put on line is provided to the local farmers for crop irrigation.

In addition to reducing our environmental footprint we also commit to give back. We work closely with village leaders to support the communities we work in and have sponsored the construction of a children’s play park in the village adjacent to our GSS facilities.