Extraction methodology

The LiFaBriC (Lined Faulted Brittle Coals) completion methodology was developed specifically for China’s geology of faulted anthracite coal formations, where traditional drilling methods used in Australia or the US are not adaptable. LiFaBriC has allowed GDG to “crack the code” of Coal Bed Methane production in China. GSS 008, the first well to be drilled using the methodology, completed seven years of continuous gas production in 2015, with no decline in production rates.

LiFaBriC is an adaptation of horizontal drilling methods used for coal seams, perfected to allow measurement and logging while drilling. It involves advance directional drilling and geo-steering techniques which enable it to drill through multiple faults with a single well, maximising subsurface in-seam exposure.

The advantages of using LiFaBriC for China’s geology are multiple, including greater subsurface in-seam exposure, which increases the drainage area permeability over time. The economics of the method are very attractive, not least as it leads to increased peak rates and stable production rate, with a slower decline and a longer well life. In addition, the U-shaped structure allows ease of workovers and flushing. The environmentally friendly methodology doesn’t use expensive or hazardous fraccing processes or chemicals, and its small surface footprint makes it less intrusive for existing land owners.